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We provide consulting services to companies during various stages of growth, developing the right strategies necessary to market their products and services within the many departments of retail dealerships today. We have maintained long standing, personal relationships and serve the distribution channels of oil, chemical, body shop paint and technology savvy pioneers. We are at most, two phone calls away from who you would like to do business with today.


We specialize within the automotive sector to provide recruiting services for dealerships and the vendors that sell to them. Years of contacts allow us a pool of talent from training companies, wholesalers, OEM, consulting companies, large national retailers along with aftermarket agencies covering many facets of this industry. Whether your automotive recruiting needs are broad or specialized, we have earned the trust of our colleagues within a tight network to fill your position with strict confidentiality.

New Products

We have successfully introduced new products into the US market through our automotive and marine channels of distribution and vendor partners. Our existing relationships allow us to achieve the goals desired on time and within the budget clearly defined at the time of launch. Our venture capital relationships can provide the resources needed for the growth you desire along with the key account introductions to solidify your place in the market.

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The Golden Rule of those with good connections or networking skills is simple:
Don’t keep score when helping others.