Is Your Car Advertising Working with Google or Against It?

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Is Your Car Advertising Working with Google or Against It?

If you are an Automotive Dealer, General Manager or are in charge of Automotive Digital Marketing, car advertising is important. Give this a try: Go to Google and search any make/model vehicle asking for a lease or monthly price.

Are you amazed by how difficult it is to get that answer when your sales staff are asked this daily?  Think this is frustrating? Google doesn’t like it either and your auto dealership is punished when your location does not provide this information to Google. Google prioritizes search results that contain the most helpful information.

Finally, a service is available that allows auto dealerships to instantly improve car advertising. The service takes information about your vehicle inventory and service offerings and offers it up as “Google bait.”  Google prefers information to be in formats that are easily understood and formatting your car advertising info correctly results in higher search ranking.

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Car Advertising Made Simple

Do you want more traffic and a lower cost of acquisition?  The service also creates up to 153 different SEM car advertising variations per campaign.

It is time to stop paying so much to your car advertising agency and for paid search and work smarter than your competition.

For additional details, check out the article below or give us a call at 516-883-0597.

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