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Car Dealer SEO Google Ad Preview Tool

How Well Do You Understand Car Dealer SEO?

First – Ask yourself these car dealer SEO questions:

  • Does your dealership’s digital marketing show up first in every search for new cars? Used cars? Leased cars? Do you show up for each vehicle trim type?
  • Does the team responsible for your car dealer SEO understand how Google works and how to rank?
  • Every time you have a price change or inventory change, do you have to edit your advertising on multiple sites?
  • Are you able to coordinate offers across your marketing channels in real time?

Car dealer SEO is complicated and Google changes their algorithms regularly. It is important to partner with experts who have made car dealer SEO their focus.

Car Buyers are Not Patient…Try This Car Dealer SEO Tool

Car shoppers take the path of least resistance and want to know their monthly payment as a starting point during search. Whether this is a purchase or lease payment, buyers who can’t find incentive data, lease payments, and finance offers will click the back button and find your competition.

Try this right now to understand your car dealer SEO.  Go to the Google Ad Preview Tool by clicking here and start by entering your city/state on the left. Think like a customer. Enter “2018 [MAKE]” and  “[MAKE] lease”. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and search like they search. Remember, that only the top 1-2 ads show up above the fold when your customers are searching on their phones, so this is very important.

Are you happy with the results? Are you delivering the information customers need to become your next buyer?

Learn more about dealership digital marketing: You’re a Car Dealership, Not an Automotive Digital Marketing Firm

If not, contact us.

To learn more about mastering car dealer SEO:

Call Peter Boesen – Sr VP of OEM & Strategic Partnerships at Dealer Teamwork – (888) 858-1636. 

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