Please don’t throw your money away this year. Focus on working your business and leave the automotive digital marketing to the professionals. You don’t have to crack the code of automotive digital marketing to maximize customer search by catering to Google’s algorithms. Because Google experts who specialize in auto dealer solutions are ready to help you.

Google wants to serve up what your prospective customer is looking for, so why not help yourself and get that car buying lead?

How Well Is Your Automotive Digital Marketing Performing?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your automotive digital marketing show up first in every search for new cars? Used cars? Leased cars? Do you show up for each vehicle trim type?
  • Every time you have a price change or inventory change, do you have to edit your advertising on multiple sites?
  • Are you able to coordinate offers across your marketing channels in real time?

Car Buyers are Not Patient…Try This

Car shoppers take the path of least resistance and want to know their monthly payment as a starting point during search. Whether this is a purchase or lease payment, buyers who can’t find incentive data, lease payments, and finance offers will click the back button and find your competition.

Try this right now.  Go to the Google Ad Preview Tool by clicking here and start by entering your city/state on the left and type like a customer “2018 Toyota “any brand” lease. Put yourself in a customers’ shoes and search like they search. Remember, that only the top 1-2 ads show up above the fold when your customers are searching on their phones, so this is very important. Are you happy with the results?

Many auto dealers only digitally market a limited number of days each month. Your staff or colleagues are working hard to gather all the rebates, program, and financing specials to update your site but only market to the public 15-25 days a month. Putting your dealership’s automotive digital marketing on cruise control with Dealer Teamwork allows your dealership to reach customers each and every day.

What is the Solution?

To compete in 2018, you will need to evaluate your auto dealership’s current automotive digital marketing process and determine your ability to merchandise each make and model available for sale. The most effective automotive digital marketing solutions in 2018 will provide dealers the ability to accomplish the following activities easier and faster, using one convenient solution:

  1. Publish vehicle offers with payments to your website in real-time
  2. Deliver paid search ads with contextual pricing
  3. Build responsive body-style and model-specific vehicle landing pages with their respective transactional data
  4. Create email marketing content for instant campaign delivery
  5. Distribute merchandised vehicles to your social media channels

Auto dealers will also realize the importance of relevancy as a cornerstone element of their marketing strategy. Google algorithms are getting smarter. Making sure that your advertising is considered to be relevant by Google will be a game changer for any dealership.

Source: Eric Miltsch – Co Founder – Dealer Teamwork

Call us to discuss your current automotive digital marketing strategy and how Dealer Teamwork can work with you to increase sales and lower your advertising cost. (Keep reading for promotional discount details.)

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Case Study #1:  Orlando Hyundai

Orlando Hyundai reached out to Dealer Teamwork because they wanted to evaluate their automotive digital marketing process.

Their Problem: The sales team at Orlando Hyundai felt disconnected from the current marketing offers. The dealership’s automotive digital marketing message wasn’t consistent across their advertising channels. They wanted to showcase more offers on each Hyundai model available on their lots. The marketing team struggled to create and update model specific, mobile responsive landing pages that would be easily found through Google searches. They knew they needed to improve their Google AdWords campaign performance.

The Dealer Teamwork Solution: Using a Dealer Teamwork product, Rick Compton, GM of Orlando Hyundai, created a new process that allowed his team to build multiple offers for every model available. Additionally, optimized, model specific landing pages are instantly updated with new offers. Their new process is easy to manage and keeps their advertising updated every day of each month.

The Results:

  • Sessions: Up 175%
  • Conversions: Up 57%
  • Goal completions: Up 325%
  • Time on site: Up 15%
  • New sessions: Up 60%
  • New units sold: Up 55%
  • 45 trackable lead submissions via landing page forms

Call us to discuss your current digital marketing strategy and how Dealer Teamwork can work with you to increase sales and lower your advertising cost. (Keep reading for promotional discount details.)

Case Study #2: BMW of Cincinnati North

BMW of Cincinnati North reached out to Dealer Teamwork because they needed a flexible, customizable solution that could be updated in real time.

Their Problem: The management team at BMW of Cincinnati North wanted to improve speed-to-market while delivering a consistent message across all of the dealership’s automotive digital marketing channels. In addition to demanding excellent customer service from their vendor, it was imperative that marketing campaigns were evaluated for significant, positive results.

The Dealer Teamwork Solution: Dealer Teamwork put together a custom suite of products that met the unique needs of the dealership. A streamlined digital marketing strategy was implemented that allowed users to control online vehicle merchandising and messaging from one, easy-to-use tool. All updates were made in real-time and were easily pushed to all marketing channels.

“We love how the MPOP™ has made it so easy to create an offer and push the info to our website’s pages and to our paid search campaigns! The email marketing tool is also very easy to use. I have yet to see any technology that can do what Dealer Teamwork has created. Now our paid search campaigns include the national offers and pricing instantly!”

– Robert Sabbagh, General Manager, BMW of Cincinnati North

The Results:

  • CTR Increased by 81.59%
  • 5 Average Search Position
  • 75% Impression Share

(New Vehicle Paid Search Campaigns)

  • $2.87 Average CPC
  • 62% CTR

(350% Higher than the Industry Average)

These results were achieved by following industry best practices.  Search engines state that successful paid search ads are specific, contain relevant transactional data and empower shoppers to take action.  See an example of such an ad below:

Call us to discuss your current digital marketing strategy and how Dealer Teamwork can work with you to increase sales and lower your advertising cost. (Keep reading for promotional discount details.)

Case Study #3: Auto Outlets USA

Auto Outlets USA knew that they needed a vendor to ramp up their automotive digital marketing efforts and produce results.

Their Problem: Auto Outlets USA talked to several vendors in the dealership space and decided to let results decide which vendor to partner with in the long term. They ran an A/B test of paid search and display campaigns that put Dealer Teamwork head-to-head with another SEM vendor. Each vendor had a $4,000 SEM budget to spend.

The Dealer Teamwork Solution: By following industry best practices, Dealer Teamwork produced outstanding results. Google states that “successful paid search ads are specific and contain relevant transactional data and empower shoppers to take action.” By following these standards, Dealer Teamwork products were successful.

“The layout and design of the MPOP™ is simple and easy to use! Dealer Teamwork’s crew is always happy to help if there is an issue. They are always looking to improve the MPOP™. This is a great product to market our inventory fast, it has helped us get more leads than ever before and it has helped us have our best sales month ever too!”

-Danielle Heyden, Webmaster, Auto Outlets USA

The Results:

Dealer Teamwork Paid Search Campaigns:

  • Impressions: 948% Higher Than the Competition (88,444 vs. 8,438)
  • Clicks: 413% Higher Than the Competition (3,243 vs. 632)
  • Cost per Click: 61% Lower Than the Competition ($1.81 vs. $4.70)

Dealer Teamwork Display Campaigns:

  • Click Through Rate: 5,852% Higher Than the Competition 10.12% vs. 0.17%
  • Cost per Click: 97% Lower Than the Competition $0.32 vs. $14.08

Vendors who match transactional data in ads to the transactional data on their landing pages have better performing paid search. This is because their marketing better answers shopper’s intent, and they provide consistent and transparent messaging through the entire experience.

What Does This Mean for Your Dealership?

This is what dealers must focus on in 2018 to gain a competitive edge as consumer search behavior, expectations, and search engine technology changes.

Organic click-through rates are important. Highly relevant landing pages with content that solves the user’s problems are literally what Google recommends and what they want to see when crawling your website. Your content must match the user’s intent.

Dwell Time (Bounce Rate) will remain a high-priority item. This is the time between a user clicking on your search result, landing on your page, and then returning to the search results page. Google watches this time closely on every click to determine the quality of the page. Short dwell times are not good.

Long form content pages rank higher than pages with shorter, less relevant content.

Voice search behaviors cannot be ignored in 2018.

  • By 2022 55% of US homes with have voice-enabled smart speakers. (I have four already!)
  • 60% of people currently using voice search just started in the past 12 months.
  • 40% of adults now use voice search at least once a day.
  • By 2020 50% of all searches will be done by voice. Yes. Within 24 months.
  • I expect to see voice search to be integrated into Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Is your dealership marketing strategy implementing these changes? Dealer Teamwork can help.

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