Does Your Auto Dealership Have Customer Pay Repairs Scheduled for 2019? 

Unless your auto service department is booked out for two weeks you better keep reading. Fixed ops can easily account for 60% of your dealership’s profits. Exploding your dealership’s fixed ops customer pay repairs revenue can be simple for 2019. A premier provider in the automotive space is looking to partner with outstanding dealership groups. To qualify, your auto dealership must meet three criteria:

  • Your auto dealership must be considered an “authorized repair facility.”
  • Your auto dealership must cover a large geographical territory.
  • Your auto dealership must perform repairs on all makes and models experiencing mechanical breakdown.

Your automotive technicians want customer pay tickets so why not partner with a company that serves many of the top insurance companies today?  If you qualify, be ready for a high volume of mechanical breakdowns coming to your automotive repair shop soon.

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What Could an Increase in Customer Pay Repairs Mean for Your Auto Dealership?

What better sales lead can your auto dealership have than servicing a competitive brand in your service shop? Would you like your auto dealership to tap into the millions of tow events every year? Did you know that 20% of drivers who experience mechanical breakdown have no tow destination in mind?

If your auto dealership qualifies, your tow traffic will stream in. The tow is already paid for, so treat them nice and your auto dealership will have a paying customer for life.

Pilot Location Highlights

Want to know what to expect? Here are some of the results from the pilot auto dealership locations that have already been approved:

  • Fixed Ops Revenue – Average CPL ticket range $400-$750
  • Conquest – Value of not only repair dollars but brand/dealership conversion so request all makes/models and not just single brand
  • Reference – The Northtown Automotive Group was approved for the program. Their first tow in was a Kia Forte with a blown engine. The CPL ticket added up to over $4,000.  Within their first 60 day period participating in the program, they received 9 vehicles with CPL tickets totaling just over $20,000 in customer pay. This auto group only accepted same brand tows but has decided to switch to include all brands for the remainder of 2019.

The cost of the tow has already been paid by the insurance provider.  The partnering group only assumes a dispatch fee for vehicles dispatched to your dealership location.

Be one of the first auto groups to be selected for enrollment in 2019.  If you wish to pilot, please select a city and be prepared to commit at least 10 dealerships for a 90 day period.

Contact (888) 858-1636 to be considered as a pilot. Leads will be turned over to the VP of Network Services (David Sunkenberg) for consideration.