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Tied closely to strategy and strategic relationships, this is the 4th step in our process you see in our 90 Day plan. Much of sales and marketing is impacted by the players in the market today and who you can team up with to speed up your growth.

At the end of the day, all these categories are sales-related. At KCAMG, we like products and services that can be fully explained in 15 minutes. We shy away from anything that requires multiple presentations or demands many departments to sign off on it. A good example would be an application sold to dealerships that can be used by sales, preowned, and accounting. If it requires integration fees to DMS companies then that is another strike against it. We know the attention span of our clients and don’t see a need to “go around the room for introductions.” We realize that all we have is an impactful Subject Line and 5 sentences to capture the prospect’s attention. Any PDF that is longer than 15 slides for a 30-minute presentation is too long!

Chemical/Equipment Manufacturer

We have a long-standing relationship with this client and assist them with the acquisition and account management of national dealership groups throughout the US. This also includes business development for distribution, support of existing regional partners, and existing distributors. Our role includes recruiting, contract negotiation, support of national meetings, RFP response, and internal operations between partners. The greatest benefit with this client is access to ownership and free dialogue which is beneficial for the growth and resolution of any challenges. Most recently, we introduced them to social media experts to boost their presence. If you work with KCAMG, you will undoubtedly hear about the internal talent that works with us.

Digital Marketing Company

A friend of mine started a new company a few years ago that helps car dealerships market content across websites and digital marketing channels. We work with them on a casual basis to assist with access to OEM’s, strategic partners, and groups. Conversations continue as the automotive space accelerates smaller in number due to consolidation.

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