All Things Fixed Operations

Fixed Operations – Service, Parts, Body Shop & Technology

KCAMG handles everything relating to fixed operations including new vehicle operations, national retail operations, and consolidators. We manage and maintain relationships from international/domestic manufacturing to final retail/wholesale invoicing. We market both products and services and many times, manage accounts post-conquest. We are flexible enough to handle either all aspects of the process, or specific portions where companies lack the access or talent.

On the product side, this includes oil, service drive chemicals, automotive paint, and ancillary which is extremely vast including OEM alternatives, reconditioning, janitorial, and paper products. On the service or application side, this typically includes applications or complete technology offerings that are the result of the advancements in vehicle testing and repair today. This can be as simple as providing tire equipment to the complicated task of vehicle electronic and calibration needs.

A Few KCAMG Success Stories

National Retailer – Multiple Brands / Calibration & Tech Provider

A large retailer with 5+ brands requested assistance with sourcing products and services across the US. In one tech search, we introduced the premier provider for calibration nationally and negotiated free diagnostic equipment for a low monthly rate. This was a complicated sale in that the retailer-owned brands with various automotive skillsets require custom equipment at every level. In addition, the retailer realized their internal procurement staff relationships were hindering the solution being offered which is often the case in large companies.

National Business Development & Sourcing – Retailer / Large Distributor

Many times, KCAMG is contracted to assist with very simple introductions to either dealership or retail channels because of our vast relationships. As a result of reviewing the offering, we brought in an international supplier of vehicle components and negotiated very favorable terms on product that included no payment for 12 months, full nonsale return after 12 months and free marketing material and training. The client enjoyed a higher quality product at a 40% reduction on cost.

Engagement Rules

Success – Remove All Obstacles

The key to success with any KCAMG client is complete access to the senior leadership team or ownership. The reason is that middle management is sometimes not willing to change or they create silos that are internal blockers to success. In our 5-step process for proven results, we ask the questions and flush out the blockers, so all parties are on board with the rollout plan. This is the entire reason for the 90-day engagement to start. Why waste future time and effort if success is not achievable.