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25% Fees Are Not Fair – This Is About Helping People

With all the recruiting sites and apps on the market today, the days of charging a fee based on the base salary of opening is just nuts.

At KCAMG, we started recruiting by helping existing clients find candidates. In many cases, it was self-serving because we were struggling to accomplish tasks for a client without employees to get the job done. Over the years, the fact that it was free started to impact our bottom line so we laid out a very fair and flexible way in which we can help find talent.

During the peak of Covid, we developed marketing (Videos – CLICK HERE) and Landing Pages – CLICK HERE) to help the many workers who lost their jobs. Our approach to automotive recruiting is to make a modest profit since the many recruiting sites we use do most of the work. What we bring to our clients are contacts and networking to accelerate the search. We also organize the applicants into easy folders for quick review.

Dealership Groups – Fixed Ops

We work with many of the top 10 in the US today. While our focus is typically director-level part and service positions, we have recently had great success with technicians and advisors.

F&I Companies – Sales Staff

A national provider of F&I products needed assistance recruiting regional sales staff. We looked at the requirements and understood the ask suggesting that the search should really focus on those currently in the DMS and sales application space. We refer to our recruiting as “strategic” because we call on leaders within specific automotive verticals to fill positions. It is sometimes as simple as a post in LinkedIn that is liked by many in the target space which instantly gets attention.

If you are interested in understanding the cost and steps to success, we offer the two links below for more information.

If you work in automotive and are referred by a client or friend of KCAMG, our placement assistance is free. Karma – it has worked out for us so far…

  • CLICK HERE – for cost and how we charge along with testimonials of just a few clients/friends.
  • CLICK HERE – this is where you understand what is expected of you for a successful search. We call it the onboarding link and the basics.
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