Service Offerings

Engagement with our clients starts with a 90-day plan. While many of these relationships turn into ongoing support for years, we feel it is important for both parties to feel comfortable and the short-term goal is measurable success that is clearly defined.

Fixed Ops Clients

F & I Clients

KCAMG- Trusted Finalcoat Partner

Sales & Marketing Clients

KCAMG- DealerTeamwork Automotive Marketing Partner
KCAMG- BASF Trusted Automotive Partner
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Sourcing Clients

Strategic Relationships Clients

Recruiting Clients

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KCAMG- Trusted Finalcoat Partner
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KCAMG- Trusted Northtown Automotive Dealership Partner

Fixed Ops

We provide industry consulting services to automotive companies during various stages of growth, developing the right strategies necessary to market products and services within many departments of your business today. We are, at most, two phone calls away from who you would like to do business with today.

F & I

F&I departments are the consistent and lucrative revenue generator for new car dealerships today. The industry generates tremendous, high margin revenue for dealerships which is why fresh, new products are so important. They remain successful because they have penetrated the ownership/dealer principal and maintain long-standing relationships. In order to continue generating high-margin revenue for dealerships, new products are so important.

Sales & Marketing

At the end of the day, all automotive categories are sales related. At KCAMG, we like products and services that can be fully explained in 15 minutes or less. We understand the attention span of industry professionals and we help you to craft an effective presentation and get it in front of decision makers.


The great consolidation continues in automotive as end users are moving up channel, collapsing the multiple layers of distribution automotive has enjoyed for years. While building relationships is still paramount, one-stop shopping from a single automotive source is always preferred. KCAMG helps clients source parts and services for competitive prices.


Hiring mid to senior-level positions in the automotive industry no longer requires expensive upfront fees and a substantial percentage of yearly salary. KCAMG’s unique approach to automotive recruiting factors in department along with emphasis on specific automotive sectors.

Strategic Relationships

While this is the toughest impact area to explain because we are prohibited from disclosing the client company names, it is the most lucrative because of the speed to generating instant revenue. The relationships are typically wholesale based so you are using an established partner in the industry to accelerate your sales (growth) whether that is a product or most times… a service.