We Provide Access

We leverage longtime business relationships to provide access for your company’s products and services. At KCAMG, we have high level contacts with multiple automotive distribution and supply channel companies. Our relationships are with decision makers that have the spend authority and position in the company’s organizational chart to greenlight any product, project, or new service.

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Our Proven Process Produces Results


Introduction to your team and review your offering. In some cases, ownership asks that we communicate with key players on their team to gain more perspective on the offering.

Determine Demand / Partners

We review your offering with industry contacts, look at any competitors in the marketplace and determine if any accelerator partners are available to jump-start sales. This is also where the client suggests target accounts and we share the timeline for contacts and meetings.

Short-Term Goals

This is the essence of success for the 90 day plan. Establish a short-term list of clear and mutual goals that must be measurable with success metrics expected prior to launch.

Prep / Strategy

We assist with your presentation preparation along with your offering, strategy to market, and who will be point on specific tasks. This is where key contacts in your organization become support or co-presenters.

Set Appointments & Review

KCAMG sets appointments with agreed upon target clients and we review results of each presentation to determine next steps. Once the 90 day plan is complete, both parties can move to a longer term relationship.

The Golden Rule of those with good connections or networking skills is simple:
Don’t keep score when helping others.